Thanks to all who meshed

Another great mesh meetup last night at the Charlotte Room, complete with plenty of beverages, snacks, pool tables and great conversation. Thanks to all who came — and especially to podcaster extraordinaire Leesa Barnes, who brought her podcasting bag of tricks and hopefully caught some great ideas being born amid all the meshing.

Hopefully some photos will be making their way into various places — I know Rannie Turingan was taking some because I saw them on his Facebook group (it’s here if you are a Facebook user), and I saw Will Pate snapping some pics as well.

If you have some photos and they’re at Flickr or Photobucket or whatever, just send me an email at and I’ll link to them here — and over at the mesh blog as well — and if you have a blog post about it, feel free to do the same. Mark has some more details at Maple Leaf 2.0.

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