Any point in *not* writing about Apple?

On a hunch, I would have to say the answer is probably no — headlines about the Apple developer event and speculation about what might be announced already fill up a third of a page or so at Techmeme, and Steve Jobs hasn’t even taken the stage yet. The TechCrunch gang started their live-blogging with a video of them getting lost on their way to the Moscone Center (hey, Mike — eyes on the road, buddy), and Jason Chen at Gizmodo seems to have gone a little loopy already because of the smell in the center, which he describes as “like a San Francisco bus smell”:

“a mixture of sweat, urine, desperation, more urine, just a little feces, saliva, Apple fever, bald dudes, a cupful more of urine, and urine.”

If you just can’t survive without a constant stream of Apple-related news and commentary, then the Scobleizer has some links he thinks you should hit and VentureBeat writer MG Siegler of ParisLemon has set up a FriendFeed room for live-streaming the keynote. Or you can always try out some Twitter-based tools as well, for that “totally immersed” feeling: Summize is tracking Apple-related terms (Warning: I left the site for about two minutes, and when I came back it said there were 763 new results). The excellent site Twistori is also tracking mentions of Apple and related words in (close to) real time. Namaste.

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