Google’s Chrome is great, but…

If you’re looking for more than the typical “Chrome is great” response to Google’s new browser, here are some of the ones I’ve come across that I think make good points and/or go into some depth. For whatever it’s worth, I think it’s pretty good — and it seems pretty damn fast as well. Will I make it my default? Not just yet.

Walt Mossberg has a review of Chrome up at All Things D and seems to like it, but isn’t blown away (his speed tests don’t jibe with mine though, and CNET says Chrome beats every other browser).

SEO 2.0 thinks that a Google browser could actually be a bad thing, for a number of reasons (some of them good).

— Jack Schofield at The Guardian notes that almost all of Chrome’s features (and even its name) are already available in other browsers, and in some cases have been for years.

Matt Cutts, the Google blogger, has an excellent post up in which he responds to some of the criticisms (Google’s going to track me! Google’s going to know everything!) and questions about Chrome.

— Eric at Internet Duct Tape says he likes Chrome a lot, and it really is fast, but it’s missing some crucial things (ad blocker, etc.).

Wired has a great in-depth look at the Chrome project.

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