Jim Clark: In a hot tub in Italy somewhere

Marc Andreessen, the guy who designed the very first Web browser, co-founded Netscape and helped take it public and now runs Ning, showed up for an interview at the Churchill Club, where he talked to Kevin Maney from Portfolio magazine about a number of things, including Google’s new browser (which he thinks is great, and a step towards the browser as OS model that he has been in favour of since his Netscape days). But the part that really struck me came from the bottom of a Valleywag recap of the talk, in which he described what his Netscape co-founder and former CEO Jim Clark is up to:

I could tell you a lot of stories about his life [in Florida], but I won’t. He’s dating a 26-year-old Australian swimsuit model. I just ran into an entrepreneur who said, “I just ran into Jim Clark at a resort town in Italy. Jim was in a hot tub carved into the side of a mountain.” I said, “Yes! That was Jim Clark.”

There’s more on the swimsuit model in the Sydney Morning Herald. Her name is Kirsty Hinze, and she is 27. For the record, Jim Clark is 63. And one other interesting fact: Clark’s daughter Kathy is married to YouTube co-founder and fellow billionaire Chad Hurley.

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