Akoha: Get your mystery starter kit

My friend Austin Hill — a Montreal-based entrepeneur and angel investor, and co-founder of Radialpoint — has been working feverishly for months now with a small team, putting together an ambitious startup venture called Akoha.com. Not much has been written so far about the company and what it has planned, in part because it is launching at TechCrunch50 tomorrow, and the founders of TC50 don’t like there to be too much noise about their star candidates before launch time.

That said, however, I think it’s safe to tell you at this point that it’s a Web-based social game played with trading cards and aimed at spreading good deeds around the world. Why do I think it’s safe to say that? Because that’s what Erick Schonfeld has written over at TechCrunch, so I figure if it’s okay for Erick to blab then it’s okay for me too. The rest of the details — and they are quite interesting, I think — will have to wait until th big launch takes place at TC50 tomorrow.

But for now, I have some invites available for the Akoha beta, which will allow you to sign up for a “mystery” starter kit and get started playing the game. The first 100 people to click on this link will get one.

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