Gawker offers a personalised news experience

Gawker, the popular news aggregator network, has launched an aggregator for its internal sites. Users can specify what topics from each network they wish to see, and then they are given a unique url with that content aggregated.

There are two places news will be consumed in the future, editorially aggregated sites like Gawker, or The Huffington Post and machine aggregated platforms like Techmeme and Google News. Gawker Hybrid appears to be a splendid blend of the benefits of both worlds.

You can sign in via Facebook Connect, or your Gawker profile – and then you’re instantly presented with an easy to customize view:

Customizing my Gawker Experience

Customizing my Gawker Experience

This is a very cool idea. Don’t let others do the aggregating for you and give readers just what they want — do it yourself.

(via Peter Clark at Online Journalism Blog)

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