Mitch Kapor’s worst-case scenario from 1993

In a Wired magazine article from 1993, before the consumer web even began, Mitch Kapor wrote about the coming Digital Highway and said: “In the worst case, we could wind up with networks that have the principal effect of fostering addiction to a new generation of electronic narcotics (glitzy, interactive multimedia successors to Nintendo and MTV); their principal themes revolving around instant gratification through sex, violence, or sexual violence; their uses and content determined by mega-corporations pushing mindless consumption of things we don’t need and aren’t good for us.

9 Replies to “Mitch Kapor’s worst-case scenario from 1993”

  1. @mathewi Interesting. In February 1993 Kapor was Chairman of the EFF and did a fantastic speech about the Internet and all the chances for humanity @ Demo93 He predicted Eudora, WAIS and Gopher as the next best things and I had a nice interview with him.


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